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Pastoral Council

Chairperson: Sarah Breunig 262-893-8740
Vice Chairperson: Judy Daley
Secretary: Jane Pflughoeft

Christian Formation – Amy Faust
Prayer and Worship – Cathy Twiford
Human Concerns – Mark Grosel
Evangelization – Marilynn Gundrum
Finance Council – John Hattori

Laurie Hilger
Chuck Thimm 262-424-3384

The Pastoral Council, a body of parishioner – representatives, serves in a consultative role to the pastor. As such, it exists as a wisdom group commissioned to discern, proclaim, and manifest the presence and action of the Spirit within the parish community. The Priest and the trustees are ex officio members of the Pastoral Council.
The Council
* Develops and maintains a mission statement which embraces the total scope of parish life: worship, proclamation of the Word, service, education, administration, and social concerns.
* Engages in a continuous process of pastoral planning that takes into consideration the needs of its parishioners, the Archdiocese, the community, and the world.
* After prayerful study and dialogue, develops policies concerning parish and pastoral matters.